Infrastructure works

Aclagro is a well-established name in road construction and can boast an impressive portfolio after all these years. We work for both public and private entities throughout Belgium, including cities, municipalities, provinces, the Flemish Community, Aquafin, TMVW, De Lijn, port authorities, intercommunal organizations, and numerous private clients.

Road and Infrastructure Works

Our approach is based on a modern and diverse fleet of machinery, qualified personnel, and years of experience. This makes us the ideal partner for both public and private entities when it comes to infrastructure works.

Collector and Sewerage Works

As a contractor, we are experienced experts in the construction and maintenance of sewerage systems. We do this in urban centers as well as in linear projects outside of them. We have an extensive in-house fleet of machinery and all the necessary expertise to successfully complete complex projects.

Bicycle Infrastructure

In recent years, we have been specializing more and more in the construction and development of cycling highways and infrastructure. Recognizing the societal significance, we consider this an activity that we intend to further expand in the coming years.

Our Projects

Curious about our comprehensive approach?

Thanks to our proven expertise in various domains, we are known as a one-stop shop for both public and private parties.

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